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The building
Folklore Museum of KozaniDuring the period 1980-1983, the Association erected a privately owned, suitable building on a site, granted unanimously by the City Council, in Ionos Dragoumi street, where the old baths were housed. Private donations, donations by organizations and associations and the state’s financial aid contributed significantly to its completion.

For its construction, local craftsmen worked ardently with stone, iron and wood, in order to materialize the visions of the Museum's creators.
The building in which the Museum is housed, is 19 metres high and four-storey with subsidiary space in the basement. Externally, its form expresses the traditional architecture of Western Macedonia and resembles the manors of the Turkish Domination era. The interior is divided in six mezzanines, which communicate directly with each other. This way, the visitors can move around easier, always having a panoramic view of all floors and exhibits wherever they are.

Permanent exhibitions

1. Natural History exhibition
Folklore Museum of Kozani - Natural HistoryThe Natural History exhibition was firstly set up in 1979. It is exhibited in the Museum's basement and it covers 350 sq. m. The psrticular exhibition represents nature in a small scale, presenting the evolution of life on earth. The exhibits cover the periods from 70,000,000 years B.C. until recent years.

The exhibition aims to get contemporary people to know the world of nature, as well as to educate them through their visit to the department of Natural History. The exhibition aspires to cultivate an ecological conscience through the visitors’ contact with some endangered species. This way, contemporary city residents that have no direct experiences with nature are given the opportunity to get in touch with it.

2. Archaeological – Historical Exhibition
Archaeological – Historical ExhibitionThe Museum’s Archaeological and Byzantine Exhibition began to be created in 1969 in order to preserve the dispersed objects that could be found in every corner of the district. The exhibition was organized and has been in operation since 1987. It is exhibited on the 1st mezzanine of the museum and comprises objects from the early Neolithic Era (7000 B.C.) until the Byzantine Era (1453 A.D.). Its purpose is to help visitors form an archaeological conscience. Through the exhibition of the archaeological objects, the temporal course of culture in the area of the Western Macedonia is revealed. Furthermore, another aim is the protection and promotion of the area's antiquities.

On the 2nd floor, the historical department is housed. The exhibition is chronologically arranged and comprises, in sections, exhibits of the wars from the Turkish Domination Era until the modern times. This department constitutes a place of education - for the younger ones - and of acquaintance with the area’s historical course, contributing, this way, to the formation of a historical conscience.

3. Folklore Exhibition
Folklore Museum of Kozani - Folklore ExhibitionThe composition of the Folklore Exhibition started in 1969 when the Association was founded. It has been exhibited in the Museum since 1987 and it covers the 3rd to the 6th mezzanine. It is considered the most important exhibition in the Museum because it offers a complex and functional presentation of the traditional culture's aspects by themes and sections.

The theme of the Folklore exhibition is the presentation of the occupational activities that have died out because of the industrialization, as well as the promotion of habits and customs of the local area, through the traditional, everyday and feast costumes and the musical instruments. Furthermore, on the last mezzanine, a complete view is offered of life at home from the Turkish Domination Era until the end of the 1950s. The visitors are introduced to the wealth and financial prosperity of the people from Kozani, which was the result of their commercial transactions with Central Europe and it led to the erection of manors, which do not exist any more. The particular exhibition helps the visitors go back to the traditional way of life, with their imagination, learn about the habits and customs and experience the magnificence of the older era for a while.

3. Art Gallery
Folklore Museum of Kozani - Art Gallery The Art Gallery came to operation in 1997. It is housed on the ground floor and the staircase of the Museum’s new wing, which constitutes an extension of the Historical – Folklore Museum. The exhibition, which enriches the Museum’s historical department, presents the style of modern painters, portraying the country’s temporal course. It comprises works inspired by themes of mythology or modern history.
The hagiography department presents the Byzantine tradition as it was portrayed by the hagiographers who were influenced by the Palaeologean Art. Finally, the department of photography and architectural drawings shows the local architecture of Western Macedonia.

The Art Gallery helps the visitors go back to the historical past and broaden their art-loving horizons

5. Stamps Exhibition
Folklore Museum of Kozani - Stamps ExhibitionThe Stamps Exhibition is located in the new wing of the Historical – Folklore and Natural History Museum of Kozani.
The stamp is not just a mail companion or a collection item, but it is also a representative of its country that ‘speaks’ about everything that marked the past, experiences the present and lays the foundations for the future. This little traveller not only has vigour, but also provides abundance of knowledge. The permanent Stamps Exhibition attempts to promote the ideology of Philately, to acquaint the Museum's visitors (particularly students) with the Greek Stamp and its history, as well as to help develop the relationship among philatelists.

6. Radio Exhibition
Folklore Museum of Kozani - Radio ExhibitionThe Radio Exhibition started in 1997. It is housed on the last floor of the new wing. Its aim is to present the radio as a means of communication in its temporal course. At the same time, it attempts to show the technology of each era and its development. Today's visitors who use radios of the latest technology can see the difference between these ones and the older ones, in terms of the technical characteristics and their aesthetic appearance. The particular department depicts the radio's course of evolution, its operation mode, as well as its contribution as a means of communication.



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