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Passing through the sacred mountain of the land of Elimeia, Bourinos, and 4 km above the village of Chromio, in a totally rustic landscape, with greenery and hard earth, with siliceous rocks on the left and calcareous on the right, one can reach the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle, a landmark of history, but also a geological monument.

In 1878, on mount Bourinos, 37 km from the city of Kozani, at the location of a small cattle-breeding village, homonymous with the mountain, the revolt of the province of Elimia broke out for the abrogation of the Treaty of San Stefano, the shaking off of the Turkish yoke and the union with motherland Greece.

This revolt in Bourinos was the first organized armed resistance of the Macedonian Greeks, which continued until 1908 for the rescue of Macedonia.

In honour of those fighters of freedom, of all the Makedonomachoi (Macedonian Freedom Fighters) and of those who struggled for centuries for the Greekness of the Macedonian land, the Letters and Arts Association of Kozani converted the place into an open-air museum of more than 70,000 square metres.

The church of Saint Nicholas is the only remnant of the village of Bourinon, the inhabitants of which deserted it and settled in Chromio and in the other villages nearby. It was totally derelict when it was decided to restore it. Today, several years later, not only has it been restored and its splendid murals highlighted, but it has also become the centre of the whole creation that followed.

The place is adorned with marble inscriptions in small vaults left and right, maxims and epigrams of the Greek literature and history.

Every year, in the last week of September, the anniversary of the Macedonian Struggle is marked by the Prefectural Administration and the Letters and Arts Association of Kozani. Several officials, a large crowd of people and mainly the Association's dance groups embrace the event.



Natural History




Monday - Sunday
08.30 - 14.00 & 17.30 - 20.00


Ενήλικες: 3 €
Μαθητές, φοιτητές: 1,5 €


9-11 Dragoumi st.,
50 100 Kozani
Tel. 2461033978,
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