General Name: Anthropomorphic vase 
Category: Vessel 
Location: 1st Floor, showcase ?NEOLITHIC AGE II? 
Origin: Goules of kozani Prefecture, "Varemeni" location 
Brief Description: Anthropomorphic vase of triangular shape with engraved decoration. On the upper long side, the circular root of a projecting part, possibly a head that is missing, can be found. On the right and on the left, there is an ellipsoid rim. At the corners of the side, there are two suspension holes pierced through. On the back face, at the lower corner, it bears traces stating that the vase has been detached from somewhere. The back side is slightly curved, while the engraved decoration spreads over the whole surface, creating zigzag lines and triangles. 
Total of Parts:
Dimensions: max. preserved h.: 0.063 m. / max. w.: 0.112 m. / spout d.: 0.024 m. 
Condition: Rather good 
Date: Neolithic Period 
Material: Grey clay with mixtures 
Mean of Accession: Vessel 
Time of Accession: 1980 
Enroller: Ioanna Benioudaki 
Bibliography: Εθνική Τράπεζα της Ελλάδος, 1973, "Νεολιθική Ελλάς", εκδ.: Εθνική Τράπεζα της Ελλάδος, Αθήνα 1973 Παπαθανασόπουλος Γ. Α., " Ο Νεολιθικός πολιτισμός στην Ελλάδα", εκδ.: Ίδρυμα Ν.Π. Γουλανδρή, μουσείο Κυκλαδικής Τέχνης, Αθήνα 1996 
General Category:  
Anthropomorphic vase

Anthropomorphic vase