General Name: Kantharos 
Category: Vessel 
Location: 1st Floor, showcase ?CLASSICAL-HELLENISTIC? 
Origin: Aiani of kozani Prefecture 
Brief Description: Black-figured kantharos, restored from many pieces and supplemented. The base and parts of the body are missing. The body is almost hemispherical with grooves. It bends inwards to create a shoulder and a tall cylindrical neck with hollow profile. The rim is protruding and chamfered. Vertical handles, with a quadrangular cross-section with flat triangular surface at the height of the rim. 
Total of Parts:
Dimensions: preserved h.: 0.056 m. / rim d.: 0.076 m. 
Techiniques: Wheeled. Decoration with relief and engraved technique
Condition: Rather good 
Material: Light orange clay with mixtures 
Mean of Accession: Vessel 
Time of Accession: 1983 
Enroller: Ioanna Benioudaki 
General Category: