General Name: Sword 
Category: War 
Location: 4th Floor, workshop ?GUNSMITH?S? 
Local Name:  
Brief Description: Oblong sword that apparently belonged to an officer. It has an iron scabbard with two rings for its suspension. The scabbard as well as the grip is painted in silver (at a later date). The grip is wooden and has a coating of leather, traces of which have been preserved. 
Total of Parts:
Dimensions: l. of sword: 1.02 m. / l. of blade: 0.875 m. / l. of scabbard: 0.925 m. / max. w. of blade: 0.03 m. 
Condition: Rather bad 
Material: Iron - Bronze 
Enroller: Ioanna Benioudaki 
Bibliography: Βασιλάτος Ν., "'Οπλα 1790-1860. Μνημεία Ελληνικής Ιστορίας και Τέχνης", ΕΟΜΜΕΧ, Αθήνα 1989. 
General Category: