General Name: Alpinist's cane 
Category: War 
Location: 2nd Floor, mausoleum ?EPIC OF 1940-1941 AND NATIONAL RESISTANCE 1941-1944? 
Local Name:  
Brief Description: Oblong, cylindrical cane of wood, bearing coating of iron on the upper end. On the upper part, there is also a through hole, where a leather strap comes through that is tied with a knot and used to go around the wrist for the cane to be held. There is an engraved T. The lower end has an iron coating as well. On the lower surface of the coating, in the centre, there is a rather oblong, quadrangular stem, rounded at its end, so that it could be stuck in the snow. 
Total of Parts:
Dimensions: l.: 1.435 m. /d.: 0.025 m. 
Condition: Good 
Material: Wood - iron 
Enroller: Ioanna Benioudaki 
General Category:  
Alpinist's cane