General Name: Medal 
Category: War 
Location: 2nd Floor, mausoleum ?BALKAN WARS 1912-1913? 
Local Name:  
Brief Description: It is formed by a wreath. There is a cross in its centre, with legs with triangular endings that are protruding. In the middle of the cross, an eagle comes out of the flames. Behind the cross, two swords are projected crosswise. On the upper part, there is a ring for the suspension of a ribbon that is yellow with two black vertical stripes. 
Total of Parts:
Dimensions: h.: 0.045 m. / w.: 0.04 m. / max. d.: 0.037 m. / ribbon's l.: 0.08 m. (x2 ) / ribbon's w.: 0.035 m. 
Condition: Good 
Material: Iron - Fabric 
Enroller: Ioanna Benioudaki 
General Category: