Brief Description: Bird with a body about 33 cm long. The plumage on the back is dark blue, while it is whitish, adorned with dark-coloured stripes on the belly. Its tail is long and rounded at its end, with dark colouring that bears white spots. The feet are yellow. The males have the characteristic cry that gave them their name, a melodious ?cuckoo?. 
Bibliography: Peterson, R.T., Mountfort, G. & Hollom P.A.D. (20015). Field Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe. Houghton Mifflin. Mullarney K., Svensson L., Zetterstrom D. & P. Grant. (2004). Collins Bird Guide. Collins. 
Particular Features:  
Class: Cuculiformes 
Family: Cuculidae 
Genus Form: Cuculus canorus 
Common name: Cuckoo 
Spread: It is spread in the whole Europe, except for Iceland. 
Protection regulations:  
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