Brief Description: Bird with body length about 38 cm. The back has brown colouring in various shades, adorned with lighter spots, while it is yellowish with dark-coloured stripes on the lower part. The head is large and rounded and the eyes are black. Its warbling is deep and melodious and it sounds like a repeated "hu-hu-hu", which is how it got its Greek name. 
Bibliography: Handrinos, G. and Akriotis, T. (1997). The birds of Greece. London: Christopher Helm Ltd. Heinzel H., Fitter R. and J. Parslow (1995). Collins Pocket Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe With North Africa and the Middle East 
Particular Features:  
Class: Strigiformes 
Family: Strigidae 
Genus Form: Strix aluco 
Common name: Tawny Owl 
Spread: It is spread in the whole of Europe, except for the northern part of Scandinavia and West Asia. 
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