Brief Description: Bird with body length between 33 and 38 cm. The general colouring of its dorsal surface is dark, but it turns cream or even completely white on the belly, while the ends of the wings are black. It looks a lot like Sparrowhawk, which is distinguished by details like the colour of the cheeks (they are ashy) or the colour of the eyes (brownish-blond and not yellow). 
Bibliography: Clark W. (1999). A Field Guide to the Raptors of Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Oxford University Press. Jonsson, L. (1996). Birds of Europe with North Africa and the Middle East. Princeton University Press. 
Particular Features:  
Class: Accipitriformes 
Family: Accipitridae 
Genus Form: Accipiter brevipes 
Common name: Levant Sparrowhawk 
Spread: It is spread in Asia and North Africa, while its European distribution is restricted in the Balkans. In Greece, it is absent from the largest part of Sterea and Peloponnesus. 
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