Brief Description: Bird with body length between 76 and 90 cm. The male is clearly larger than the female. The colouring is very rich and impressive with a metallic-olive head, except for the area of the eyes, which is reddish, and a white ring around the neck. At the sides of the head a small crest is protruding. The female's plumage is less impressive. The tail is long and two tail feathers stand out. Its croaks are piercing. 
Bibliography: Beaman M. and Madge S., (1998). The Handbook of Bird Identification for Europe and the Western Palearctic. Princeton University Press. Heinzel H., Fitter R. & Parslow J. (19972). Collins Pocket Guide: Birds of Britain and Europe with North Africa and the Middle East. HarperCollins Publishers Limited. 
Particular Features:  
Class: Galliformes 
Family: Phasianidae 
Genus Form: Phasianus colchicus 
Common name: Pheasant 
Spread: It is spread in West Asia and most of Europe, while in Iberia, it can be found only at the North. In Italy, the distribution is intermittent and it is absent in the Balkans. In Greece, it has been humanly imported. 
Protection regulations: It is considered a vulnerable species 
General Category: