Brief Description: Bird with body length about 15 cm. The plumage on the back is brown, which lightens on the belly and turns ashy on the upper part of the head. The wings bear black and dark-coloured stripes, while the double white stripe is characteristic. 
Bibliography: Beaman M. and Madge S., (1998). The Handbook of Bird Identification for Europe and the Western Palearctic. Princeton University Press. Heinzel H., Fitter R. & Parslow J. (19972). Collins Pocket Guide: Birds of Britain and Europe with North Africa and the Middle East. HarperCollins Publishers Limited. 
Particular Features:  
Class: Passeriformes 
Family: Fringillidae 
Genus Form: Fringilla montifringilla 
Common name: Brambling 
Spread: It is spread in the whole of Europe, except for Iceland, West Asia and North Africa. 
Protection regulations:  
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