Brief Description: Bird with body length about 35 cm. The back has light brown plumage that is a few shades lighter on the belly. The tail is black, as well as the ends of the wings, which, however, are white at the sides and bear a blue part, dotty with black spots. The head is well developed, the beak is thick and bears a black band at the sides, while the neck is white. 
Bibliography: Handrinos, G. and Akriotis, T. (1997). The birds of Greece. London: Christopher Helm Ltd. BirdLife International (2004). Birds in Europe. Population Estimates, Trends and Conservation Status. NHBS. 
Particular Features:  
Class: Passeriformes 
Family: Corvidae 
Genus Form: Garrulus glandarius 
Common name: Eurasian Jay 
Spread: It is spread in the whole of Europe, except for the northern areas of Scandinavia, and West Asia. 
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