Brief Description: Bird with body length about 90 cm. The colour of its body is shiny white that slightly darkens at the ends of the wings. The beak is yellow at its base and black on its remaining length and its long legs are orange. The neck is long and curves when the bird flies or rests. 
Bibliography: Hayman P., Marchant J. and T. Prater (1986) Shorebirds, an Introduction and Guide. Handrinos, G. and Akriotis, T. (1997). The birds of Greece. London: Christopher Helm Ltd. 
Particular Features:  
Class: Ciconiiformes 
Family: Ardeidae 
Genus Form: Egretta alba 
Common name: Great Egret 
Spread: Its distribution is much extended and includes populations from New Zealand to the USA and from Europe to West Asia. In Greece, it comes through during migration, but in Prespes there are populations that lay their eggs there. 
Protection regulations: It is considered an endangered species 
General Category: