Brief Description: Bird with body length up to 80 cm and wings opening up to 150 cm. When it flies, its neck?s folding is very distinct and angular. The upper part of the back and the wings is greyish, but towards the tail, the lower side and the lateral and back side of the neck are reddish-brown with faint yellowish spots. The front part of the neck and the back side of the head are white. The head is brown with a dark-coloured stripe going through upwards and it is crowned with a black crest. The beak is yellow and straight. The brown feathers of the breast are distinctly protruding with a serrated shape. 
Bibliography: Hayman, P., Marchant, J. & Prater, T. (1986). Shorebirds: an identification guide to the waders of the world. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Mullarney K., Svensson L., Zetterstrom D. and P. Grant. (2004). Collins Bird Guide 
Particular Features:  
Class: Ciconiiformes 
Family: Ardeidae 
Genus Form: Ardea purpurea 
Common name: Purple Heron 
Spread: It is spread in Africa, Central and South Europe and Southeast Asia. 
Protection regulations: It is considered a vulnerable species 
General Category: