Brief Description: Bird with body length from 63 to 70 cm and wings opening that can reach 2 metres. The colours on the back are clearly darker (dark brown with black trimmings) compared to the belly, where the general standard is white adorned with small white spots. The head is rounded, the beak small and the eyes large and orange-yellow. 
Bibliography: IUCN (2006). IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Clark W. and Schmitt N. (1999). Field Guide to the Raptors of Europe. 
Particular Features:  
Class: Accipitriformes 
Family: Accipitridae 
Genus Form: Circaetus gallicus 
Common name: Short-toed Eagle 
Spread: It is spread in the whole of the Mediterranean, in Russia and Middle East, as well as in areas of Asia. 
Protection regulations:  
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