Brief Description: Bird with body length about 15 cm. Its general chromatic standard is typical. The back is light-coloured blue that darkens on the wings and is adorned with white spots, while the breast and the lower part are reddish-brown. The basic colour on the head is blue as well that turns white on the sides and the lower part and is interrupted by a blue-black band. The cheeks are brownish. The beak is long and yellowish at its base. 
Bibliography: BirdLife International (2004). Birds in Europe. Population Estimates, Trends and Conservation Status. NHBS. Mullarney K., Svensson L., Zetterstrom D. and P. Grant. (2004). Collins Bird Guide 
Particular Features:  
Class: Coraciiformes 
Family: Alcedinidae 
Genus Form: Alcedo atthis 
Common name: Kingfisher 
Spread: It is spread in large areas of Europe, Africa and Asia. 
Protection regulations:  
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