Brief Description: Mammal with head and body length 40-48 cm, tail length 20-28 cm and weight ranging from 1 to 2 kilos. Its general colouring is dark brown, while the area of the breast is white and is usually interrupted by a black band. Its ears are rounded and protruding. Its legs are rather short. 
Bibliography: Mitchell-Jones, A. J. (1999). The Atlas of European mammals. London: Academic Press. Burton, John A. (1991). Field Guide to the Mammals of Britain and Europe (Field Guides). Kingfisher Books 
Particular Features:  
Class: Carnivora 
Family: Mustelidae 
Genus Form: Martes foina 
Common name: Beech Marten 
Spread: It is spread almost in the whole of the Greek region, while the boundaries of its European spread reach Denmark. It can be found in rocky areas, brushwood and maquis, but also around residential areas. 
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