Brief Description: Mammal with head and body length 29-46 cm, tail length 12.5-14 cm and weight ranging from 442 grams to 1.5 kilo. Its fur is generally brown, but becomes darker, almost black on the back, the shoulders, the legs and the tail. It is lighter-coloured on the sides, while on the head, it is white on the cheeks and black around the eyes. 
Bibliography: MacDonald D. and Barrett, P. (1993). Collins Field Guide: Mammals of Britain and Europe. Harper Collins. Mitchell-Jones, A. J. (1999). The Atlas of European mammals. London: Academic Press. 
Particular Features:  
Class: Carnivora 
Family: Mustelidae 
Genus Form: Mustela putorius 
Common name: European Polecat 
Spread: It can be found in forests, riverbanks, marshes, but also near residential areas. It is spread in most of Europe, except for the British Isles and Scandinavia, but is can also be found in many areas of Asia. 
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