Brief Description: Mammal with head and body length 22.5-27.5 cm, tail length 1.5-3 cm and weight ranging from 400 grams to 1.2 kilos. The fur, like the spines, is cream-brown and darkens at the ends, while the neck and the breast areas are slightly lighter-coloured than the belly. 
Bibliography: MacDonald D. and Barrett, P. (1993). Collins Field Guide: Mammals of Britain and Europe. Harper Collins. Burton, John A. (1991). Field Guide to the Mammals of Britain and Europe (Field Guides). Kingfisher Books 
Particular Features:  
Class: Insectivora 
Family: Erinaceidae 
Genus Form: Erinaceous concolor 
Common name: White-breasted Hedgehog 
Spread: It is spread in East europe and in large areas of Asia. 
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