Brief Description: Bird with body about 30 cm long. The colouring of its back is brown, turning reddish on the head and tail. It is adorned with yellowish lines and black spots on the back and appears grey on the belly. The general appearance of tis body is spherical and its wings are short and rounded. It lets out piercing chirpings. 
Bibliography: Beaman M. and Madge S., (1998). The Handbook of Bird Identification for Europe and the Western Palearctic. Princeton University Press. Mullarney K., Svensson L., Zetterstrom D. & P. Grant. (2004). Collins Bird Guide. Collins. 
Particular Features:  
Class: Galliformes 
Family: Phasianidae 
Genus Form: Perdix perdix 
Common name: Grey Partridge 
Spread: It is spread all over Europe, except for the Iberian peninsula. In Greece, its distributions shows discontinuities in areas of Sterea and Peloponnesus. 
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