Brief Description: Perennial, biennial or annual herbs. Creeping or ascending sprouts. Cuneate to cuneate-oblong leaves, from slightly trilobite to tripartite, hairy, fuzzy or almost smooth. Flowers 2 in whorls. One-lipped corolla, yellow. Protruding stamens. The fruit is schizocarp consisting of four single-seeded carpels. Polymorphic species with several subspecies. 
Bibliography: Davis P. H. 1982. Ajuga L. In: Davis P. H. (ed.) Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands 7: 42-53. Edinburgh. Μηλιαράκης Σ. 1910. Τα δημώδη ονόματα των φυτών προσδιοριζόμενα επιστημονικώς υπό Θ. Χέλδράιχ. Αθήναι. 
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