Brief Description: Perennial, ramified, climbing plant. Sprouts 3-10 metres long, brown, hairy on all their length. Compound, pinnate leaves with 5 ovate leaflets. Numerous flowers in dense, axillary inflorescences. Perianth parts ellipsoid, white or whitish. Sorocarp fruit of several, ovate and hairy achenes. 
Bibliography: Εκδοτική Αθηνών 1983. Εκπαιδευτική Ελληνική Εγκυκλοπαίδεια, Τόμος 10, Φυτολογία. Αθήνα. Strid A. 2002. Clematis L. In: Strid A. & Tan K. (eds) Flora Hellenica 2: 30-33. Rueggell. 
Particular Features: Pharmaceutical plant. The extract from its leaves is used mainly in veterinary science for the healing of wounds. Its tender sprouts are edible like a vegetable. The species of genus Clematis are cultivated as ornamental. 
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