Brief Description: Annual, herbaceous plant. Upright sprouts, ramifying, with height 15-40 cm. Base leaves that dry up during blossoming. Compound sprout leaves, divided in numerous linear-lanceolate parts. The upper 3-5 leaves form a covering under the flower. Blue-violet to white perianth parts, ellipsoid, yellow-green. Inflated fruit, ellipsoid to almost spherical, smooth. Numerous black seeds. It bears flowers from mid April until the beginning of June. 
Bibliography: Γεννάδιος Π. 1959. Λεξικόν Φυτολογικόν. Αθήναι. Strid A. 2002. Nigella L. In: Strid A. & Tan K. (eds) Flora Hellenica 2: 5-13. Rueggell. 
Particular Features: Its seeds are used in some countries as flavouring. Genus Nigella Sativa is cultivated for its scented seeds and is known with the common names ?mavrokouki' and ?mavrosisamo'. 
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