Brief Description: Herbaceous, perennial plant, without sprout, with an ovate or almost spherical bulb. Leaves appearing after bloom, tongue-shaped to linear-lanceolate, with length 20-30 cm. 1-4 flowers with campanulate perianth, rosy-violet, sometimes white at the base. Dark-coloured anthers (black-violet or brown-violet). The fruit is capsule, oblong-ellipsoid, brown. It bears flowers from August until November. 
Bibliography: Brickell C. D. 1984. Colchicum L. In: Davis P. H. (ed.) Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands 8: 329-351. Edinburgh. Γεννάδιος Π. 1959. Λεξικόν Φυτολογικόν. Αθήναι. 
Particular Features: The species of genus Colchicum are poisonous plants, with pharmaceuticals properties. Their main component is the alkaloid colchicine. Many of them are cultivated as ornamentals. 
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