Brief Description: Deciduous, ramified shrub or small tree with height up to 6 metres. Simple leaves, 3-10 cm long, ovate-lanceolate to ellipsoid, with slightly serrated margins. Tetramerous flowers, green-white in axillary inflorescences with a few flowers. The fruit is capsule, four-lobed, red. The seeds are poisonous, white, ovate, with fleshy reddish-orange skin. 
Bibliography: Αραμπατζής Θ. 2001. Θάμνοι και δέντρα στην Ελλάδα, ΙI. Οικολογική Κίνηση Δράμας, Δράμα. Boratynski Α., Browicz K. & Zielinski J. 1992. Chorology of trees and shrubs in Greece. Polish Academy of Sciences ? Institute of Dendrology, Kornik, Poland. 
Particular Features: Its fruit has pharmaceutical (purgative, emetic, anthelminthic) properties. 
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