Brief Description: Upright, ramified shrub with height up to 1 metre. Simple leaves, 2-4 cm long, ovate or oblong, with sinuate margins, hairy. White flowers, solitary or in pairs. Numerous stamens. The fruit is capsule, spherical, slightly hairy, brown, enclosed by the remaining sepals. Numerous seeds. 
Bibliography: Αραμπατζής Θ. 2001. Θάμνοι και δέντρα στην Ελλάδα, ΙI. Οικολογική Κίνηση Δράμας, Δράμα. Boratynski Α., Browicz K. & Zielinski J. 1992. Chorology of trees and shrubs in Greece. Polish Academy of Sciences ? Institute of Dendrology, Kornik, Poland. 
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