Brief Description: Perennial plant. Two types of sprouts: The fertile ones are upright, with height up to 40 cm, brown, with numerous loose sheaths. Strobile (seed-phyllotaxis) 4-8 cm long. Infertile sprouts with height up to 2 metres, hollow internally, upright, greenish, smooth, with 20-40 narrow hollows, ramified. Lighter-coloured sheaths, black on the upper part, with teeth equal in number with the hollows. Internal hollow equal to 2/3 of the sprout's diameter. Numerous branches, diverged. 
Bibliography: Cullen J. 1965. Equisetum L. In: Davis P. H. (ed.) Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands 1: 31-34. Edinburgh. Εκδοτική Αθηνών 1983. Εκπαιδευτική Ελληνική Εγκυκλοπαίδεια, Τόμος 10, Φυτολογία. Αθήνα. 
Particular Features: Because of the large quantity of silicates in the walls of their epidermic cells, in the past they served in the polishing of metal objects or the cleaning of cooking utensils. 
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