Brief Description: Biennial plant, with spiny sprout up to 2 metres high. The sprout?s leaves are joined at the base, with deep lobes and spiny margins. Flowers in ovate to cylindrical heads. The covering bracts are unequal, lanceolate and rarely larger than the head. The floral receptacle bracts are larger than the flowers, with a terminal thorn. The flowers are white or light-rosy. It bears flowers from July until September. 
Bibliography: Matthews V. A. 1972. Dipsacus L. In: Davis P. H. (ed.) Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands 4: 583-585. Edinburgh. Μηλιαράκης Σ. 1910. Τα δημώδη ονόματα των φυτών προσδιοριζόμενα επιστημονικώς υπό Θ. Χέλδράιχ. Αθήναι. 
Particular Features: Its related species D. fullonum is known with the folk names neragatho and nerokratis. 
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