Brief Description: Perennial plant. Strong, hairy, ramified sprouts, 20-180 cm high. Ovate to lanceolate, stalkless leaves. 3-8 flowers in bunches that form dense spikelets. Tubular floral receptacle. Purple petals. Ovate fruit, capsule, surrounded by the receptacle. It bears flowers from June until August. 
Bibliography: Γεννάδιος Π. 1959. Λεξικόν Φυτολογικόν. Αθήναι. Chamberlain D. F. 1972. Lythrum L. In: Davis P. H. (ed.) Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands 4: 174-179. Edinburgh. 
Particular Features: Ornamental, but also pharmaceutical plant. 
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