Brief Description: Sedimentary rock with reddish hue, mainly consisting of aluminium oxides and iron oxides, as well as clay-silicon minerals. It constitutes an aluminium ore. In Greece, it is mainly found in Parnassus. The bauxite deposits are a mixture of three Al minerals: 1) Boehmite: It has white to brown colour, with tabular crystals and vitreous to pearly lustre. Specific gravity 3.0 and hardness 3. 2) Diaspore: It is colourless to white, with needle-like or tabular crystals and vitreous lustre. Specific gravity 3.3 - 3.5 and hardness 6.5 ? 7.0. 3) Gibbsite: It has white, ashy, reddish or greenish colour, tabular crystals and vitreous lustre. Specific gravity 2.4 and hardness 2.5 - 3.5. The main component of the bauxites is boehmite. Raw bauxite contains 5 - 20% humidity and it constitutes the main production source of alumina (Al2O3). 
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