Brief Description: Evergreen tree with height up to 20 m and diameter 7 m. Needles in two, in spiral disposition on the branches. They are green, rigid, rotating, with dentation that is tangible. Their length reaches appr. 20 cm. They contain resiniferous ducts. It is a monocot species with monogenic flowers. The male ones form yellow catkins, while the female ones are red and shaped like a small cone. It blossoms from March until April. Its flowers cannot be self-pollinated. The cones are brown when mature. They don?t have a pedicel and they form whorls. Its seeds mature in April and May of the third year after blossoming. They are very hard and stand on a wing that helps them disperse in longer distances. 
Bibliography: Farjon, Aljos. 1984. Pines: drawings and descriptions of the genus Pinus. Leiden: Brill & Backhuys.